2024/06/22 23:46

Occasionally fraudulent emails are sent, under the guise of a body, financial institution, etc., in order to obtain person details, particularly bank details.

Any request for bank details by the Electronic Headquarters of the INE is made via a secure website. The secure website applies the https protocol, which is the secure version of the http protocol, thereby guaranteeing interaction in an encrypted channel. This protocol is used primarily by banking institutions, online stores, and any other type of service requiring the sending of personal data or passwords.

Moreover, it can be recognised from the padlock such as the one displayed in the status bar image.

 https secure site lock  

When double-clicking on this, it indicates the identity of the machine connected to it.

 Information from the certificate  

If in doubt regarding the authenticity of any email or website claimed to be from or belonging to the National Statistics Institute, please contact us in order to check its authenticity via the   Email form .

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