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The user guide of the Electronic Office of the INE has been designed for ease of access to information and use of the available options; nevertheless, should you encounter any difficulty browsing the Headquarters,please do not hesitate to use the Email form in order to address your queries to us. The following sections are to be found in this guide:

  1. Navigation structure
  2. Accessibility
  3. Technical recommendations
  4. Language policy

  1. Navigation structure

    This section includes a description of the different elements to be found in each page of the Electronic Office.

    1.1. Navigation bar

    The navigation bar is static on all pages of the Electronic Office, so that its features may be accessed from anywhere on the site. The bar is comprised of:

    INE logo: by clicking on it, one accesses the  homepage of the National Statistics Institute . The page is shown in a separate window.

    Electronic administration logo: by clicking on it, one accesses the homepage of the Ministry. The page is shown in a separate window.

    Options panel: composed of the following options:

    •  Reduce/ Restore/ Increase font size  change the size of the texts. The largest letter increases the size, the smallest letter decreases the size and the medium-sized letter restores it to its original size. One may also use the options of the navigator to change the font size.
    •  Site Map  show the map of the website.
    •  Calendar  show the calendar of non-working days.

    Drop-down menus: these allow for navigating all of the content of the Headquarters, moving the cursor on the drop-down menu, and placing it over the topic and/or subtopic. A page can be accessed, containing all of the options in that section, by clicking directly on the main tab of the drop-down menu. The content in drop-down menus is as follows:

    • Home: this leads to the homepage of the Headquarters.
    • Paperwork: this contains the list of procedures and paperwork included in the Elecgtronic Office. By clicking on any of the options, we access the descriptive file of the procedure or paperwork, where it is possible to ascertain the necessary requirements, and access the procedure and basic help for its proper undertaking.
    • Regulations: this includes the legislation that governs the functioning of both the Electronic Office and the different procedures and paperwork. It allows for accessing each regulation by clicking on the incorporated link.
    • Tools: this includes the calendar of non-working days and electronic certificates published in the electronic headquarters of the INE.
    • Help: this groups different options which will enable browsing the Electronic Office.

    Choice of language: on choosing a language from the list, change the page in which the version of that language is found. If the page is not available in the selected language, by default, the page will be shown in Spanish.

    Search engine: by writing a word or words and clicking on the Search icon, this will show the listing of pages of the Headquarters that include the term sought.

    1.2. Status bar

    Breadcrumb trail: the current page is identified at the top by the text, You are in the Electronic Office, followed by the section, subsection, etc. in which it is located. By clicking on any of the texts that appear, one may access that page.

    Date/hour: the official hour is shown. The clock is updated automatically every minute, as well as when a new page is requested, or the presented page is refreshed.

    1.3. Footer

    This is common to all of the pages of the Headquarters. It contains information regarding the location of the Electronic Office, and direct access to some options.

  2. Accessibility

    The Electronic Office of the INE have been designed, adjusting to the accessibility requirements in   UNE standard 139803:2012 (priority 2, level AA).

    In turn, in browsing the Electronic Office, links are indicated that access unrelated websites whose content may not comply with the same accessibility guidelines. 

    If you consider that any of the content presented is not accessible, and have any difficulty in viewing it, you may communicate with us by using the   Email form  .

  3. Technical recommendations

    Functioning of this Electronic Office has been placed in contrast to the most popular browsers (Internet Explorer©, Mozilla Firefox ©).

    At some stage the browser in use may request you to install an additional program, if not already installed, in order to access specific files in Acrobat PDF format (requiring Acrobat Reader ©). If you wish, you may download this program free of charge:

    Latest version of Adobe Reader  

    In order to access the electronic services, you may be required to be in possession of one of the certificates included in the section Electronic Certificate and Sign .

  4. Language policy

    The content of the Electronic Office is presented in all jointly-official languages, as well as in English. However, when browsing the Office, there are links to external sites, and the contents of these may not be available in other languages.

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