2024/07/15 03:39

Secure Verification Code (SVC)

The document Secure Verification Code or SVC is a set of digits uniquely identifying electronic documents issued by the National Statistics Institute.

The SVC is found in printed form on all pages composing an electronic document and enables comparison, via the Electronic Headquarters of the INE, of a printed document with the corresponding original electronic document, thereby converting it into a genuine copy.

You may use this service in order to check the authenticity of paper documents bearing an SVC and issued by the National Statistics Institute. In order to do so, you need to enter the SVC code shown on the document; The INE Electronic Headquarters will show you the original document, and you may corroborate that it is genuine and has not been altered.

The National Statistics Institute SVC is regulated by the Resolution of 10 February 2011, of the Presidency of the INE.

Verify a document

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