2023/09/30 22:36

What is the Electoral Census?

The Electoral Census contains records of persons with a right to vote, generally Spaniards of legal age without impediment, both those resident in Spain and those resident abroad, notwithstanding its possible extension to Municipal Elections and the European Parliament, with foreign voters resident in Spain with legally recognised voting rights, due to being nationals of other European Union countries in the European Parliamentary and Municipal Elections, or from other countries in the Local Elections by virtue of a Treaty by which it is set out.

How to query the Electoral Census?

Any interested party may look up their records telematically in the current Electoral Census each month or for elections or a referendum.

The Electoral Census record contains personal data and details of the residential address of voters, as well as the municipality in which they are recorded for electoral purposes in the case of Spaniards resident abroad. When the query is made during an election, details are also presented on the polling station and premises.

The results of the enquiry will be displayed on-screen and may be printed.

Who may request the Electoral Census?

Any interested party who is a voter and can be identified by the Cl@ve system.

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