2021/12/09 01:59

What are the grants that the INE awards?

These are aid packages that the National Statistics Institute awards to those postgraduates who wish to undertake studies in the methods and techniques used in statistical research.

Objective of the grants:

To promote statistical research through the training of postgraduates. Grant-awardees shall participate in the research tasks established in the different programmes that the INE carries out annually.


The duration of the grant is 12 months, beginning 1 January of each year, and ending 31 December, with the possibility of six-month extensions up to a total period of 24 months.


The entire monthly value of the grants corresponding to each year is included in the Resolution announcing them.

Candidate requirements:

These are established in Order ECE/1050/2019, of 14 October, passing the regulatory bases for the awarding, by the National Statistics Institute, of postgraduate grants in Statistics. They are also established in the INE resolutions announcing postgraduate grants in Statistics, which are usually annual.


The grants shall be awarded by Resolution of the Presidency of the INE, based on the proposal submitted by the Assessment Commission.

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