2024/03/02 20:24

What type of payment may be made?

Telematic payment, by transfer, may be made of the following concepts:

What requirements must be met to make the payment?

Payment by debit to a current account

To have an account with a sufficient current balance in BBVA bank.

Payment by credit card

Visa Card and MasterCard are accepted.

What term does the administrator have to make the payment?

It is an "online" payment, in which the transfer of funds occurs immediately after your payment order.

Must a request be made for the administration to accept the payment?

No prior application is required.

Can amounts mistakenly paid be recovered, or is it possible to request the return of payments? Which process must the administration follow?

Possible returns must be requested by the administrator, to the Secretariat General of the INE. Requests for return must include the following data:

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