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What is the PERE?

The Register of Spaniards Resident Abroad (PERE) is the national file that contains the registrations of those persons who, having Spanish nationality, regularly live outside of Spain, whether or not this is their only nationality. It is constituted from the data existing in the Registers of residents in the Consular Offices abroad.

For the compilation and maintenance of the national PERE file, each month, the Consular Offices or Sections submit to the National Statistics Institute, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the registrations, cancellations and modifications that have occurred in the data corresponding to the Registers. The coordination is carried out jointly with the data corresponding to the registrations of those Spaniards resident in Spain.

What data does the PERE contain?

The registration, in the Register, of Spaniards resident abroad, contains the following data: Given name and surnames, sex, place and date of birth, number of national identity document or passport, certificate or school or academic qualification, place of residence in the country of residence and municipality of registration in Spain for electoral purposes, in addition to the date of registration therein.

How to request a registration certificate in the central file of the PERE?

Any interested person may download the application form for a registration certificate in the national file of the PERE. Once completed and printed, it must be sent to the Provincial Delegation of the province of registration for electoral purposes as indicated on the form.

A copy of one of the following documents must be attached to the application form as proof of the applicant’s identity: ID card, passport, certificate of Spanish nationality or registration in the Consular Registry corresponding to their residence.

For minors or incapacitated adults, the request must be made by the father, mother or guardian and should be accompanied by a copy of the identity document or passport issued by the authorities of the country of nationality, or for Spaniards, as an alternative, a certificate of Spanish nationality or registration in the Consular Register corresponding to their residence and also a copy of one of the following documents proving their affiliation or guardianship: family register, birth certificate, court decision recognising custody and, in the case of incapacitated adults, court decision on incapacity.

Where should I request the registration or modification of the data?

The compilation, maintenance, revision and safekeeping of the Consular Register correspond to the Consular offices, and as may be the case, of the Consular sections of the Diplomatic Missions of Spain. For this reason, the request for registration in the Consular Register corresponding to the consular demarkation in which one regularly resides, or the modification of the registration data, in the case of not being updated or being erroneous, should be submitted at the Consular Office corresponding to the person's regular residence, bearing in mind that if s/he has recently carried out any of this paperwork in her/his Consular Office, the national PERE file presents an updating lag of two months.

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