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Procedure form

Name: voting application for CERA voters

Description: electronic presentation of the voting application for voters registered in the CERA (Census of Absent-Resident Voters who reside abroad) for the Elections to Parliament of Galicia and Parliament of Pais Vasco on 12 July 2020.

Body responsible: Electoral Census Office

Subject: electoral

Term: from May 19 to June 13, 2020, both inclusive. Ampliado hasta el 16 de junio por Acuerdo de la Junta Electoral Central de 3 de junio de 2020.

Effects: to accept or reject the presentation of the voting application, but without resolving it.Once the request has been considered, if accepted, the Provincial Delegation of the ECO will send the documentation to vote to the registered address by certified mail, no later June 22, 2020 (or June 30, 2020 in case any candidate is contested).

Authentication means: the electronic process password (CTT) issued by post to all CERA voters or by the Cl@ve system.

Procedure login address: https://sede.ine.gob.es/Solicitud_voto_CERA_en

SIA Code: 410473

The voting application may be presented here (only with the electronic process password or Cl@ve system).
  • Presentation of the application
  • Notice: It is very important that you follow all the instructions provided, as only the submission of one online application shall be allowed.

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