2022/05/29 13:58

Procedure form

Name: look up the electronic processing code (EPC) so that voters residing abroad can request their vote

Description: This service allows Spanish voters residing abroad to look up the Electronic Processing Code (EPC) and request their vote electronically through the INE Electronic Office.

Body responsible: Electoral Census Office.

Subject: electoral.

Term: from April 26, 2022 to May 21, 2022 both inclusive.

Effects: the voter accesses the electronic processing code (EPC) consultation service and completes the requested information. If the system identifies the person as a Spanish voter residing abroad who included in the current electoral census, they are provided with the electronic processing code assigned to them to request the vote.

Authentication means: none required.

Procedure login address: https://sede.ine.gob.es/consulta_ctt_en

You can look up your Electronic Processing Code (EPC) here

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