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Procedure form

Name: look up the electronic processing code (EPC) so that voters residing abroad can request their vote

Description: This service allows Spanish voters residing abroad to look up the Electronic Processing Code (EPC) and request their vote electronically through the INE Electronic Office for the elections to the Galician and Basque Parliaments held on July 12 2020

Body responsible: Electoral Census Office.

Subject: electoral.

Term: from May 19 to June 13 2020, both inclusive. Ampliado hasta el 16 de junio por Acuerdo de la Junta Electoral Central de 3 de junio de 2020

Effects: the voter accesses the electronic processing code (EPC) consultation service and completes the requested information. If the system identifies the person as a Spanish voter residing abroad who included in the current electoral census, they are provided with the electronic processing code assigned to them to request the vote.

Authentication means: none required.

Procedure login address: https://sede.ine.gob.es/consulta_ctt_en

You can look up your Electronic Processing Code (EPC) here

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