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National citizens from countries with Agreements
The online procedure for citizens from countries with Agreements is from 1 December 2022 to 16 January 2023.

Means of access

From 1 December 2022 to 16 January 2023, you can access the Electoral Census Office by proving your identity by any of the following means, and the Electoral Census Office must have your registration number in the Central Register of Foreign Nationals (NIE):

- To make the request, an electronic certificate associated with your national identity document is required, or through the Cl@ve system.

- With the NIE and the telematic processing key (CTT) sent by the Electoral Census Office to your home by post.

If you do not have a digital certificate or Cl@ve or have received the CTT, you must download the application form and follow its instructions. 

Description of functionality

If this had already been stated by this process and the person accessed it again, the YES option would appear, but it could not be modified.

NOTE: The data corresponding to applications processed by post or submitted in municipal councils shall not be reflected in queries by this system

In case of not having a recognised electronic certificate or the pair of passwords, it will not be possible to submit the application by this process, and the Municipal Council corresponding to the habitual residence should be addressed.

Una vez autenticado por el sistema se le mostrarán sus datos padronales, y con la opción de manifestación de voluntad de ejercicio de derecho de sufragio activo con valor: Sin datos.

A continuación deberá seleccionar la opción SI y pulsar el botón Aceptar.

Si la hubiera manifestado previamente por este procedimiento y accediera nuevamente, le aparecerá la opción SI, pero no podrá modificarla.

NOTA: Los datos correspondientes a solicitudes tramitadas por correo postal o presentadas en los ayuntamientos no tendrán su reflejo en las consultas por este sistema

To access

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